Stray Review: An exhilarating feline journey that never falters

Stray is a joyful adventure in a grim but endearingly hopeful cyberpunk setting. The fact that you play as a cute cat the entire time hopping across rooftops and scampering through back alleys to find its well-hidden secrets is gratifying. 

Even though the movement was a little more fluid during the roughly five-hour story, its mix of simple platforming, puzzles, and quests to find items is very well-balanced. Despite the fact that some of the novel concepts it introduces along the way are less successful than others, they all help to keep everything feeling as fresh as a brand-new bag of trash. Regardless of whether I was rolling around in a ball or scratching at the carpet, Stray does a fantastic job of differentiating itself in a way that makes it feel like more than simply a curiosity.

The fact that even some of Stray’s defenseless stealth sequences are not only tolerable but actually entertaining is perhaps the most fantastic recommendation it can offer. The game’s agility and adaptability make up for its lack of complexity. In the end, Stray would make you think If only more games had this kind of quick thinking.