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Assassin’s Creed Mirage: Unveiling Basim’s Journey

Assassin’s Creed Mirage introduces us to Basim, a captivating and multifaceted protagonist embodying the classic Assassin mold. With his deadly and resourceful nature combined with a complex personality, Mirage was designed to provide a strong narrative-driven experience that pays homage to Basim’s character while surprising players on a memorable adventure. His initial encounter with players occurred during the events of AC Valhalla, where he served as a mentor figure for Eivor in England, concealing his own motives and a mysterious past. The development team recognized the opportunity to delve into Basim’s backstory and decided to explore a setting reminiscent of the first Assassin’s Creed game, drawing a connection between Basim and the Golden Age of Baghdad.

Setting the Stage: The Golden Age of Baghdad

Assassin’s Creed Mirage stands as a self-contained and fresh story, enabling players to embark on the game without prior experience with Valhalla or any other titles in the series. However, dedicated fans will discover numerous secrets, Easter eggs, and connections to past games and the overarching lore.

<strong>Basim at Baghdad<strong> | Credit ubisoftcom

The game unfolds in 861 AD, 12 years prior to the events of Valhalla, unveiling his youth as he survives as a thief on the streets of Anbar near Baghdad, alongside his partner in crime, Nehal. Since his early recollections, Basim has been plagued by enigmatic visions and nightmares. Which have driven him to question his identity and sense of belonging. Despite Nehal’s frustration, Basim believes his destiny lies among the Hidden Ones.

<strong>Basim at Alamut<strong> | Credit ubisoftcom

Basim’s path leads him to Alamut, the renowned Assassin Homebase under construction at the time. It is here that he immerses himself in the ways of the Assassins, transforming into one of the Hidden Ones. His life-changing journey commences as he assumes the task of tracking down the Order in Baghdad. Crafting his character for Mirage posed an intriguing challenge for the development team. Having encountered him as an older individual in Valhalla, they had to envision his younger self. As passionate fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise themselves, the team emphasized the importance of restoring the Levantine Assassin look to Basim’s costumes.

Outfit for Deluxe Edition | Credit:

From Apprentice to Mentor: Basim’s Evolution Explored

Mirage showcases Basim’s progression from apprentice to mentor, a transformation mirrored in the game’s systems. Progression relies on a linear and story-driven structure rather than an experience-based system. As players advance through the narrative and complete missions, their rank within the Brotherhood ascends, unlocking new opportunities for missions, outfits, and tools. He wields a lethal and efficient Assassin toolset, with the ability to upgrade and customize his tools. Enabling unexpected gameplay strategies when fully enhanced. The game offers a range of outfit options for Basim, allowing players to personalize the character. In a nod to fan-favorite features, outfit dye makes a return, reminiscent of AC2 or Brotherhood, permitting color customization.

<strong>Basims Parkour Climb<strong> | Credit ubisoftcom

Assassin Focus: Mastering the Deadly Killstreaks

Combat mechanics have been overhauled to suit Basim’s style. Making him an agile Master Assassin akin to Altaïr. His primary combat tools are his sword and dagger. The animation team aimed to create a character who exudes elegance while being deadly. The introduction of Assassin Focus enables players to slow down time and execute a lethal killstreak. Requiring careful consideration of the final move to avoid unforeseen confrontations. His combat distinctiveness sets him apart from Eivor, with a stronger emphasis on a single main weapon. Consequently, combat presents greater challenges, higher stakes, and a heightened reliance on tools to navigate tricky situations.

<strong>Basims Stealth<strong> | Credit ubisoftcom

Throughout Mirage’s development, Basim was meticulously crafted as a fresh take on the classic Assassin archetype, from his story to his appearance and character progression. The design team eagerly anticipates players taking their initial steps into Basim’s transformative journey. As the game’s release approaches, the thrilling narrative, immersive gameplay mechanics. And intriguing character development promise an unforgettable experience for both dedicated fans and newcomers alike. The pre-order option is now available, allowing players to secure their entry into the world of Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

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