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Exciting Future of Conan Exiles: New Biomes, Siege Weapons, Living NPCs & More

Conan Exiles, the gritty survival game set in the brutal Hyborian Age, has captivated players with its unforgiving world and deep crafting systems. As Funcom continues to support the game, the future of Conan Exiles promises exciting new horizons for adventurers.

Expanding Frontiers

Funcom has demonstrated a commitment to expanding the game’s horizons. The Isle of Siptah expansion introduced vast new biomes, significantly increasing the explorable area. Moving forward, players can anticipate further biome additions, introducing fresh environments, resources, and challenges to conquer. These expansions will breathe new life into the game, offering novel experiences for seasoned exiles.

The developers have teased the possibility of introducing additional siege weapons and granting purge enemies the ability to wield trebuchets against player bases. Such additions would escalate the intensity of warfare, demanding strategic fortifications and coordinated offensives. Furthermore, these changes could pave the way for epic clan battles, fostering a rich multiplayer experience.

Living World

Funcom aims to overhaul crafter NPCs, transforming them from static objects into dynamic entities. These NPCs will roam player bases, adding a sense of life and immersion. Moreover, players can expect more options to acquire barkeepers, enhancing the tavern experience. Consequently, the world of Conan Exiles will feel more alive, blurring the line between game and reality.

Tavern Expansion

Speaking of taverns, Funcom has big plans for this social hub. Upcoming updates will likely introduce clan exclusivity options, allowing players to control access to their establishments. Additionally, the ability to hire contractors directly from taverns could add a new layer of gameplay depth. With modding support for bartenders, the community can further shape this aspect of the game.

Mounts and Cargo

The prospect of mounts carrying cargo has been hinted at by the developers. Imagine caravanning across the harsh deserts, camels laden with treasures and resources. This feature could revolutionize trade routes, resource management, and even open up new gameplay opportunities like caravans under constant threat from marauders.

Cosmetic Enhancements

Funcom has teased upcoming cosmetic items inspired by the Yamatai culture. Players can anticipate a wave of new outfits, decorations, and perhaps even architectural styles, allowing them to infuse their creations with a distinct Eastern flair. These additions will cater to those seeking aesthetic customization and roleplay opportunities.


As Funcom continues to shape the future of Conan Exiles, players can look forward to a constantly evolving gaming experience. From expanded frontiers to dynamic NPCs, enhanced combat mechanics, and immersive new features, the developers are poised to breathe fresh life into the brutal Hyborian Age. Embrace the challenges that lie ahead, for the path of the exile is never an easy one, but the rewards are well worth the struggle.