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WWE 2K24 Review: Is It Worth the Upgrade?

WWE 2K24 is the latest entry in the long-running wrestling game series developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K. This year’s edition celebrates 40 Years of WrestleMania and builds upon the strong foundation laid by its predecessor, WWE 2K23.

Gameplay and Presentation

Right off the bat, the gameplay in 2K24 feels like a natural evolution; however, it retains the weighty, impactful action that made 2K23 so enjoyable. Furthermore, the controls are straightforward, especially for those who played the previous iteration. Visually, the game is an absolute stunner, boasting meticulously detailed character models, gorgeous arenas, and slick menus. Moreover, for nostalgic fans like myself, the retro vibe when revisiting classic matches from decades past is simply chef’s kiss.

WrestleMania Showcase

Without a doubt, the standout mode in WWE 2K24 is the WrestleMania Showcase. Unlike previous showcases that focused on a single wrestler, this one celebrates the grandest stage of them all – WrestleMania. Consequently, players get to relive some of the most iconic matches in WrestleMania history. For old-timers like me who witnessed these battles unfold live, it’s an absolute nostalgia fest. Additionally, the video packages do an excellent job of setting the stage, providing younger fans with a history lesson on why certain matches were so significant.

Apart from the Showcase, 2K24 brings back fan-favorite modes like MyRise (with Unleashed and Undisputed storylines), MyGM, Universe Mode, and the ever-impressive Creation Suite. While these modes don’t deviate too far from their 2K23 counterparts, they do receive some nice tweaks and quality-of-life improvements. For instance, MyRise offers two distinct paths to experience, while Universe Mode now features match types like the Ambulance Match and the returning Casket Match.

Speaking of new match types, the Ambulance Match is an absolute blast. From climbing atop the ambulance to shoving your opponent inside, it’s far more entertaining than one might expect. Conversely, the Casket Match, while a welcome addition, can feel a tad clunky at times due to the placement of the casket itself. Nevertheless, the return of Special Referee matches is a highlight, allowing you to play as either a clean or corrupt official, complete with the ability to create your own referee attire.

Creation Suite and Online

As always, the Creation Suite in 2K24 is a behemoth, offering an insane amount of items and customization options. Whether you’re creating a unique wrestler or recreating someone from another promotion, the level of detail is staggering.

In conclusion, WWE 2K24 represents a minor yet welcome upgrade over the already excellent 2K23. With its stellar gameplay, nostalgia-fueled WrestleMania Showcase, wealth of modes, and unparalleled creation tools, 2K24 is an easy recommendation for wrestling fans.

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