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Warzone Player Goes Viral for Sounding Like Malayalam Star Sreenath Bhasi

Amid the global pandemic of COVID-19, when lockdowns confined people indoors, the world turned to online gaming for entertainment. One such popular game was Call of Duty: Warzone, a free-to-play battle royale video game. Players from across the globe teamed up to battle it out in this intense virtual warfare.

The Viral Video

In May 2020, a video surfaced on YouTube, capturing a Warzone game session. The YouTube channel, Lucifer Ace, run by Rahul with teammate Edwin had unknowingly matched with a player whose voice resembled that of Sreenath Bhasi, a renowned Malayalam actor. Thrilled by the perceived presence of a celebrity, the players repeatedly inquired if he was indeed the actor. Initially evasive, the player eventually admitted to “working in the film field” and having a “small role” in the movie Anjaam Pathiraa.

As the video gained traction and went viral, it became one of the most-watched Sreenath Bhasi videos, ironically without his involvement. The individual behind the voice, known as Samjith aka @wrinkledshirtguy, came forward to clarify the situation. In a candid social media post, Sam explained the events that unfolded.

Sam’s Perspective

Sam recounted how his friends had often remarked on his resemblance to Sreenath Bhasi’s voice. During the fateful Warzone session, his “monkey brain” decided to play along with the inquiries, leading to the viral video. Initially dismissive, Sam realized the gravity of the situation when the video gained widespread attention.

Recognizing the need to set the record straight, Sam contacted Sreenath Bhasi through a mutual friend. Surprisingly, the actor remained calm and understanding during their conversation, which Sam described as “undoubtedly the best 9 minutes” of his life.

To address the confusion, Sam collaborated with the Lucifer Ace channel to release another video, explaining the misunderstanding. This effort aimed to provide clarity and closure to the viral incident, which had inadvertently thrust Sam into the spotlight.

From Warzone to Viral Fame

The Warzone video incident serves as a reminder of the power of social media and the ease with which misinformation can spread. However, it also highlights the importance of open communication and the ability to acknowledge mistakes. Sam’s candid approach and Sreenath Bhasi’s understanding disposition helped defuse a potentially damaging situation, transforming it into a lighthearted anecdote that brought joy to many during a challenging time.

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