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Chris Gauthier, known for his TV roles, left a lasting impact in gaming as the voice of Neville in NFS: Carbon. Explore his unique acting process & impact.
Skip the buggy console remasters. GTA: Definitive Edition shines on mobile with free access via Netflix, smooth gameplay & surprisingly good graphics.
Set sail for adventure! Sea of Thieves arrives on PlayStation 5 April 30th with full crossplay & Season 12! Join the pirate fun & explore a vast open world.
Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC: Stunning new lands, epic bosses, June 21st release! From noob to conqueror, get ready for adventure!
The future of Xbox, from exclusivity dilemmas to Game Pass expansions and hardware innovations. Dive into the evolving gaming landscape now!
Experience the evolution of football gaming as FIFA prepares to challenge EA Sports FC's dominance. Get ready for a new era of virtual football!
The transformative journey of Nvidia from gaming GPUs to AI dominance, strategic partnerships, challenges, and shaping the future of technology.
Hogwarts Legacy fans are looking forward to the summer update as the first anniversary draws near. Find out what the fans are saying.

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