Grand Theft Auto V: Michael

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most popular and acclaimed games of all time, and for good reason. The game offers a huge and diverse open world to explore, a thrilling and hilarious story to follow, and a ton of activities and missions to do. But one of the most unique and innovative features of GTA V is that you can play as not one, but three different protagonists: Franklin Clinton, Trevor Philips, and Michael De Santa.

Each of these characters has their own personality, backstory, skills, and motivations, and you can switch between them at any time during the game. This adds a lot of variety and depth to the gameplay and the story, as you can experience different perspectives and outcomes depending on who you play as. But who are these characters, and what makes them special? In this blog, we will focus on Michael De Santa, the retired bank robber who is trying to live a peaceful life with his family in Los Santos.

Michael De Santa, formerly Michael Townley, is a middle-aged man who used to be a successful criminal. He worked with his best friend Trevor Philips and other accomplices to pull off daring heists across the country. However, after a botched job in North Yankton that resulted in his partner Brad Snider’s death and Trevor’s apparent demise, Michael made a deal with the FIB agent Dave Norton to fake his own death and enter witness protection. He moved to Los Santos with his wife Amanda and his two children Jimmy and Tracey, changing his surname to De Santa.

GTA V’s Most Complex Character

Michael hoped to start a new life away from crime, but he soon realized that his dream was not as perfect as he imagined. His wife spent most of his money on shopping and cheating on him with various men. His son was a lazy and spoiled pot-smoker who played video games all day and His daughter was an aspiring celebrity who tried to get famous by any means necessary. Michael himself was bored and depressed, feeling that he had wasted his life and lost his purpose. He also had anger issues and a drinking problem that often got him into trouble.

Michael’s story is about how he tries to balance his personal life with his criminal life, how he deals with his past mistakes and regrets, how he reconnects with his family and friends, how he faces his enemies and rivals, how he pursues his passions and interests, how he makes choices that affect his fate and those around him. Michael is a complex and interesting character who has both good values and bad values. He is loyal, smart, charismatic, brave, generous, but also selfish, arrogant, violent, hypocritical.