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Surprises awaiting you in Clash of Clans 15th Town Hall

The new Town Hall addition in Clash of Clans will cost 18 million Gold to upgrade and will take 15 days to complete. Town Hall 15 will have a base capacity of two million gold, two million elixirs, and twenty thousand dark elixirs, as well as an HP of 9600. Players will be able to upgrade these storages as well as various other structures. Clash of Clans Comes with a lot of surprises like Giga Inferno in Town Hall 15 can be upgraded several times to make it even more powerful than before, although it does not have a unique signature defensive weapon. 

Meanwhile, TH 15 will lack a distinct signature defensive weapon. Supercell has revealed that the new Town Hall addition in Clash of Clans will use Giga Inferno from previous TH levels 13 and 14. The Giga Inferno, on the other hand, will be upgradeable multiple times to make TH 15 even more powerful.

The Monolith and the Spell Tower will have your opponents cowering in fear..

Spell Tower


As Spell Tower is leveled it becomes imbued with different Spells, allowing you to select which Spell it will cast while defending your base. Starting at level 1, Spell Tower will cast Rage Spell to boost nearby Defenses and units. Level 2 allows you to set Spell Tower to launch Poison Spell at nearby enemies, and Level 3 will cast Invisibility – allowing nearby defensive units and buildings to be temporarily concealed.

When you upgrade to Town Hall 15, you’ll be able to place 2 Spell Towers in your Home Village.



The tank-killing Defense is constructed and upgraded with Dark Elixir. In spite of its brooding presence, it leaves a dark stain on the world around it. No matter its origins, its ability to wreak havoc on attacking forces cannot be questioned.

Though Monolith will deal a base level amount of damage per shot, each shot also does additional bonus damage based on a percentage of its target’s max hit points making Monolith incredibly dangerous against high HP units such as tanks or Heroes.

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