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Hellboy: Web of Wyrd: New Hellboy game in 15 years looks promising

Hellboy hasn’t had his own video game in more than a decade, but that’s about to change thanks to Hellboy: Wyrd’s Web. Developed by Upstream Arcade and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment, Web Of Wyrd is a rogue-lite action adventure as it premiered during the 2022 Games Awards. This is the first Hellboy game since Hellboy: The Science of Evil. By watching the trailer down below, you can see Big Red in action.

From the brief burst of action seen in its revealing trailer, Upstream Arcade appears to have done a commendable job of replicating the particular graphical style of Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. 

Using Mignola’s input in the creation of the original plot for Web Of Wyrd this one-of-a-kind roguelite action adventure game features monstrous brawling. The game, like the comics, sends Hellboy on a series of vastly different and entirely unique adventures; and while those stories stand on their own, they are all linked to The Butterfly House’s mysterious legacy. Additionally, Mignola is in charge of the game’s key artwork. You’ll need to assist Hellboy on his quest to free a fellow BPRD agent from Butterfly House, a strange house constructed by occultists who managed to break open a doorway to an alternate dimension known as the Wyrd. Lance Reddick is lending his voice to the heavily-fisted paranormal investigator in the game.

Some of the main highlights of the game will be:

  • A graphical style that evokes the original art style of the comic books, making every moment of the game look – and feel – as if it were ripped straight from the comic books.
  • Fight a diverse array of increasingly terrifying enemies by combining hard-hitting melee and ranged attacks.
  • A story that stays true to the spirit of the comics, combining several separate stories into one unified Hellboy experience.

There is no official release date as of now, but you can wishlist it on Steam.

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