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Ghost of Tsushima to PC: Ultrawide Support, Enhanced Performance & More

Nixxes Software and Sucker Punch Productions are collaborating to bring the critically acclaimed action-adventure game, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, to PC. This marks Sucker Punch’s first foray into the PC gaming market.

PC Features and Optimization

Optimized for PC: The PC version includes the base game, Iki Island expansion, and cooperative multiplayer Legends mode. Additionally, it boasts unlocked frame rates, customizable graphics settings, and tailored mouse/keyboard controls.

Widescreen Support: Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut supports ultrawide and super-ultrawide resolutions, providing breathtaking cinematic views.

Performance Enhancements: The game leverages cutting-edge technologies like NVIDIA DLSS 3, AMD FSR 3, Intel XeSS upscaling, and NVIDIA DLAA/FSR 3 Native AA for improved performance and image quality.

Controller Support: Players can use various controllers, including the PlayStation DualSense with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for an immersive experience.

Pre-Purchase and Early Unlocks

Pre-Purchase Availability: The game is now available for wishlisting and pre-purchase on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Early Unlocks: Those who pre-purchase will gain access to exclusive in-game items like the New Game+ Horse, Traveler’s Attire, and Broken Armor dyes upon release.

Developer’s Perspective

Sucker Punch co-founder Brian Fleming expressed excitement about the PC version, highlighting Nixxes’s expertise and the team’s enthusiasm for the project.

“We’re proud to announce that our friends and partners over at Nixxes are bringing Ghost of Tsushima to PC! This is a first for Sucker Punch – all our previous work is console-exclusive, so we are excited about all this and Nixxes was the right team to do this project. With them on board, we knew the results would be nothing short of amazing! Now excuse me as I go order a Super Ultra Wide monitor!”

Brian Fleming, Co-Founder, Sucker Punch

Game Overview

Story and Gameplay: Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut follows Jin Sakai, a samurai warrior defending Tsushima Island from Mongol invaders. Players must adapt unconventional tactics to protect their homeland.

Iki Island Expansion: This narrative expansion introduces new locations, characters, and enemies on the mysterious Iki Island, a lawless land of raiders and criminals.

Legends Mode: The cooperative multiplayer mode offers story missions, wave-based survival missions, and a competitive Rivals mode inspired by Japanese folklore and mythology.

Kurosawa Mode: Experience the game’s world in black and white with film grain effects, Japanese dialogue, and English subtitles, paying homage to legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa.

Nixxes Software and Sucker Punch Productions are eagerly anticipating the PC launch of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on May 16th, 2024, promising more details like system requirements closer to the release date.