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GTA 6 Enters Final Stages as Rockstar Requests Workers Full Return to Office

A recent Bloomberg report by veteran video game journalist Jason Schreier provides new details on the development status of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI game. Publisher Rockstar Games is ramping up work on the title by requiring employees to return on-site five days a week, signaling GTA 6 is entering its final stages.

Rockstar Mandates Return to Office

According to the Bloomberg article, Rockstar Games will require all employees to return to working in the office full-time beginning in April. This decision comes as the developer enters the last phases of creation for Grand Theft Auto VI, the next mainline installment in the blockbuster GTA franchise.

In an email reviewed by Bloomberg, Jenn Kolbe, Rockstar’s head of publishing, stated the return to office mandate was made for improved productivity and security. Rockstar Games has dealt with major leaks of early GTA VI footages and official trailer 1 in recent months. Despite the prevalence of remote work during the pandemic, Kolbe asserted Rockstar found “tangible benefits” from in-person collaboration.

Final Stretch of Development

By calling employees back on-site, Rockstar Games aims to position itself for maximum quality and efficiency as GTA VI crosses the finish line. “Making these changes now puts us in the best position to deliver the next Grand Theft Auto at the level of quality and polish we know it requires, along with a publishing roadmap that matches the scale and ambition of the game,” Kolbe wrote. This signals GTA 6 is in the critical final phase of development ahead of release.

GTA Grand Theft Auto VI - The Gamers Club
Grand Theft Auto VI

Industry Controversy

Mandating a return to office has been contentious across industries, especially for video game developers. Game creation often involves volatile crunches, and remote work became common during the pandemic. Major 2022 titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 were made fully remote. But Rockstar Games maintains in-person work is best for productivity as GTA VI ramps up.

Marvel Spider-Man 2 New Game Plus GTA - The Gamers Club
Marvel Spider Man 2 The Gamers Club

Looking Ahead

With development accelerating into its final stage, speculation will grow around GTA VI’s potential release date and upcoming reveals. Rockstar Games could share more trailers, screenshots, and details now that the next Grand Theft Auto is nearing the finish line. An early 2025 launch window seems plausible. While fans are excited, some employees will be unhappy with mandatory on-site work. But Rockstar is pushing ahead to ensure GTA VI meets its acclaimed standards.

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