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John Wick AAA Game: Lionsgate is pulling triggers to make it big

“A big AAA game” based on the John Wick franchise is in the works at Hollywood giant Lionsgate. Yes. You heard it right. That means you get to play as John Wick with your console. How exciting that would be? 


What are AAA games?

Games classified as AAA are those that large studios or publishers develop with a high budget. They are typically the most popular and highly anticipated games in the industry, with extensive marketing campaigns and large-scale launches. AAA games often feature high-quality graphics, complex storylines, and advanced gameplay mechanics. These games are intended to be major revenue generators and often require significant investment and resources to develop. Examples of popular AAA games include titles such as God of War, Assassin’s Creed, and Grand Theft Auto.

Gamers, get ready for Gun-fu

Gun fu is a martial arts style that combines close-quarters combat techniques with firearm usage. It’s a style that’s prominently featured in the John Wick franchise of movies, and it’s one of the reasons why the action sequences in these films are so captivating and unique. Gamers will get to adorn that John Wick masterpiece if the game breathes life.

Exploring Wickaverse

The world of John Wick is full of opportunities for a AAA game to capitalize on. The films feature intense action sequences, secret societies, bounties delivered via rotary telephones, and bullet sponge enemies. The main creative minds behind the John Wick movies seem to be avid gamers. Chad Stahelski is presently directing the Ghost of Tsushima movie, but reportedly the franchise’s creator once considered adapting Just Cause for the big screen. While we’ve already received one John Wick game, it was a short and somewhat disappointing experience that didn’t explore the full potential of the “wickaverse.”

Fortunately, there are already some excellent games out there that clearly share inspiration with the John Wick films. Whether you’re a fan of Agent 47 in Hitman, the punch-filled deckbuilding of Fights in Tight Spaces, or the gun fu of Superhot VR, there are plenty of excellent titles that capture the attitude and style of the movies.

I, as a fan of the John Wick franchise, find the possibility of expanding on the lore and giving John more depth of character intriguing. However, I’m understandably concerned about the track record of movie tie-in games. While I’m cautiously optimistic, I’ll be eagerly waiting to see if a John Wick game can live up to the high standards set by the films.

In the meantime, fans of the John Wick franchise can continue to enjoy the excellent action and storytelling in the movies, as well as the many great games that capture the spirit of the series. Whether or not a John Wick game ever materializes, there’s no denying that the world of John Wick is ripe for exploration and expansion in a variety of media. So good luck, Mr. Wick, we’ll be eagerly watching to see where your adventures take you next.

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