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Playing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in 2024: Review & Solutions for Key Issues

In this game review of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, we explore the current state of the game The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (TTCSM), identify its main problems, and our suggestions for some possible ways to fix them.

Identifying Key Issues

Firstly, let’s address the fundamental imbalance between players, particularly evident in the 3v4 dynamic. This setup inherently favors one side over the other, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction among players. Furthermore, the leveling system exacerbates this imbalance, with perks and attributes disproportionately benefiting higher-level players. Additionally, the perk system introduces further challenges, often rendering new or under-level players at a significant disadvantage.

The imbalanced gameplay not only undermines the enjoyment of new players but also perpetuates a sense of entitlement among seasoned players. This entitlement stems from the necessity for every member of the family team to fulfill their roles perfectly, which can be challenging to achieve consistently. Moreover, the lack of satisfaction in escaping for victims further compounds the issue, as successful escapes are often too easy and lack the intensity found in other horror games.

Examining the game’s design choices, it becomes apparent that certain decisions contribute to its shortcomings. For instance, the 3v4 format, while ambitious, proves to be incompatible with the casual horror setting the developers aimed for. This format necessitates significant adjustments to balance gameplay effectively, which the current approach fails to address adequately. Additionally, the reliance on victim-specific powers to counterbalance family strength highlights a lack of creativity in design and storytelling.

TTCSM‘s monetization strategy, particularly regarding DLC pricing, has drawn criticism from players. The perceived disparity between the value offered by DLC characters and their price points has led to concerns about pay-to-win elements. Moreover, the developer’s response to community feedback regarding pricing has been perceived as dismissive, further exacerbating tensions between the player base and the development team.

The prevalence of cheaters in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre poses a significant threat to the game’s integrity and player experience. Despite early warnings during the game’s beta phase, the developer’s response to cheating has been inadequate. Disabling crossplay as a temporary solution highlights the limitations of current anti-cheat measures and the need for more robust solutions.

The strained relationship between the development team and the community further compounds the game’s challenges. Instances of poor communication and dismissive responses to feedback have eroded player trust and contributed to a negative atmosphere surrounding the game. Moreover, the developers’ apparent reluctance to engage meaningfully with constructive criticism hinders progress toward resolving underlying issues.

Screenshot from the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Playtest The Gamers Club
Screenshot from the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Playtest

Proposed Solutions

Moving forward, the development team must prioritize addressing core gameplay issues and fostering open communication with the player base. This may involve reevaluating the 3v4 format, implementing more effective anti-cheat measures, and reassessing the pricing strategy for DLC content. Additionally, cultivating a more collaborative relationship with the community can facilitate the identification of key areas for improvement and foster a more positive gaming experience for all players.

While The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has faced numerous challenges, there remains hope for its revival through proactive measures and a commitment to addressing player concerns. By acknowledging and addressing the game’s shortcomings, the development team can lay the groundwork for a more enjoyable and sustainable gaming experience for all players.

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