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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pro Tips – Decorate for Miles, Time Travel & More

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a social simulation game developed by Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development for the Nintendo Switch. Released in March 2020, it is the fifth main installment in the Animal Crossing series. Players take the role of a customizable character who moves to a deserted island and must help develop it into a thriving community alongside anthropomorphic animal residents. The game operates in real-time, with activities changing by season and time of day.

Finding Celeste Easily

Celeste is a special NPC who visits players’ islands and gives out rare DIY recipes. She can be tricky to locate, but an easy way to find her is to participate in the morning group stretch at Resident Services. Celeste will join the group stretch if she is visiting that day, allowing players to spot her right away rather than searching the entire island. This saves time and lets players quickly get her daily DIY recipe.

Must-Have Items for Your Pockets

Instead of filling your inventory with tools, keep handy items like a Mini DIY Workbench, Storage Shed, and Garbage Bin. The workbench lets you craft anywhere, the shed provides access to all your storage, and the bin lets you instantly dispose of unwanted items. This gives you more flexibility while exploring your island.

Collect Rusted Parts for Rare DIYs

Rusted parts found in the Resident Services recycling bin may seem useless at first. However, collecting these can allow you to eventually craft rare items like the Robot Hero. Don’t ignore rusted parts – stockpile them to craft cool items later.

Using Dream Addresses for Inspiration

Running out of ideas for your island? Using the Dream Suite to visit random Dream Addresses provides infinite inspiration. With millions of islands to explore, you’ll encounter layouts, themes, and designs you never would have thought of. You’re bound to gain new inspiration for your own island.

Checking Dream Address Visits

If you’ve shared your own island as a Dream Address, you can check how many visitors you’ve received. This statistic is visible under your passport within the NookLink smartphone app. Watch your visits go up as more people explore your creation!

Avoiding Wasps

Want an easy way to avoid pesky wasps when hitting trees? Hide inside gazebos and other outdoor furniture items – wasps can’t reach you there! Also, chop coconut trees instead of hardwood ones, as coconuts never spawn wasps.

Decorating Villager Homes for Nook Miles

If you have the Happy Home Paradise DLC, you can easily earn Nook Miles by decorating villager homes. Tom Nook gives 1,000 miles for each house you decorate. Making minor tweaks to all 10 villagers’ homes nets 10,000 miles per day!

First Villagers’ Personalities

The first 5 villagers on your island will always have predetermined personalities. The first two will be sisterly and jock, while the next three will be peppy, lazy, and normal. Knowing this can help you plan your ideal starting island community.

Time Traveling Without Resetting

To time travel, simply change the Switch’s clock under your current game session rather than fully resetting the software. Once you adjust the time, return to the game and save/quit properly. This skips the reboot process when time hopping.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers so much to discover, but these handy tips can enhance your island experience. From streamlining daily play to curating your community, try out these tricks to get the most out of your desert island getaway!

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