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Is Warzone Unbalanced? TimTheTatman Says Riot Shields Are “Killing the Game”

Popular streamer TimTheTatman recently posted a video discussing issues he sees in Call of Duty’s Warzone battle royale mode. As an avid Call of Duty player, he provides insight into how gameplay balance could be improved.

TimTheTatman has built his streaming career around competitive first-person shooters, especially Call of Duty. The series has been integral to his life for over a decade. Given his deep knowledge, he offers a valuable player perspective on how Warzone specifically could be better balanced.

Throughout the video, TimTheTatman spectate Warzone match to showcase issues he believes hurt the gameplay experience. He sees stream sniping as problematic but focuses most of his commentary on Warzone’s imbalance regarding riot shields.

Critiquing Riot Shields

Based on several spectated matches, TimTheTatman harshly criticizes riot shields as overpowered equipment that lowers skill and enjoyment. He argues riot shields disproportionately punish skilled players, as they render gunskill ineffective. Tim believes removing riot shields entirely is a change nearly all players would support.

Call of Duty Warzone TimTheTatman Riot Shields - TheGamersClubNet
Screenshot from <em>TimTheTatman<em> youtube video

By highlighting riot shield concerns through spectating, Tim hopes to ignite community discussion around better balancing Warzone. If the video gains major traction, he plans to directly petition the developers at Raven Software and Infinity Ward to remove this equipment. Tim believes adjusting unfair mechanics, like riot shields, will retain more players.

Widespread Dislike of Riot Shields

The overwhelming response from TimTheTatman’s audience is agreement that riot shields reduce enjoyment and skill in Warzone matches. Fans point out all the best Call of Duty multiplayer experiences historically lacked riot shields, suggesting their removal would improve gameplay flow. The consensus is that riot shields promote unfun and unskillful tactics.

Rather than outright removal, some fans propose ways to rework riot shields to be less powerful yet still usable. One suggestion is to make them destructible, breaking after blocking a certain amount of damage. This would prevent players from turtling indefinitely behind the shield.

Many commenters argue more counterplay to riot shields should exist through equipment and ammunition. Some want the ability to penetrate riot shields using Armour Piercing rounds or Underbarrel attachments like a chainsaw. Others suggest new equipment like breaching rounds that can piece the shield and injure the user.

Advocating Developer Changes

Ultimately, TimTheTatman uses his platform to advocate changes that enhance enjoyment for all Warzone players. He understands longtime fans frustration around stagnating meta and imbalance issues. Through videos like this, Tim aims to represent the community’s desire for ongoing improvement from Call of Duty developers.

The overwhelmingly positive response to TimTheTatman’s critiques shows a aligned community committed to constructive evolution of Call of Duty: Warzone. Fans seem united in supporting changes that emphasize gunplay mastery and reduce uncompetitive tactics. Tim hopes to use his influence to push for positive evolution in the Call of Duty franchise.