Is THOR a worthy foe for the GOD OF WAR?

Thor would be a formidable opponent, but the God of Thunder is not incomparable to many of those Kratos has already destroyed. After all, what chance does Thor really stand against Kratos, a God who is likely even more powerful than the God of Thunder, if the likes of Zeus could not?

Thor and Kratos fighting would undoubtedly be explosive and devastating. Just look at his track record when it comes to battling gods. He has annihilated Titans and Olympians alike, while also demonstrating that he can compete with Norse gods such as Baldur. Although it has not always been easy, he has always found a way to defeat his adversaries.

Thor’s voice actor in God of War Ragnarok is Ryan Hurst, an American actor best known for his roles as Opie Winston in Sons of Anarchy, Beta in The Walking Dead, Li’l Foster Farrell in Outsiders, Chick Hogan in Bates Motel, and Hector Bonner in Bosch. Hurst has said that he was honored to play Thor and that he wanted to bring out his complexity and humanity.

Thor will be one of the most formidable foes that Kratos and Atreus will face in God of War Ragnarok. He will challenge them physically, mentally, emotionally, and morally. He will also reveal more secrets about their pasts and their destinies. Few gods have the raw strength and power of these two, so any clash between them will be memorable. Picking a winner is difficult. How will they survive his wrath? Find out when God of War Ragnarok releases in 2022 for PS4 and PS5.