Kaztro’s Gaming Journey to Mercedes Benz E350D AMG

Muhammed Ramees aka Kaztro’s new Mercedes Benz E350D AMG is proof that channeling your passion in the right direction can bring you fortune anytime in life. Let’s explore the life of the popular and successful gamer from Kerala who is well-known in the gaming world.

According to an EY-All India Gaming Federation report, India’s online gaming enterprise has the capability to generate $2 billion via way of means in 2023. Looking upon the booming opportunity, Muhammed Ramees, a 23 year old  Keralite, commenced his YouTube profession on the nineteenth of March 2020 together with his YouTube channel Kaztro Gaming.

In fact, Kaztro Gaming has lately surpassed other gaming channels in Kerala in terms of subscriber numbers. With over 1.17 million subscribers, Ramees has earned the crown of the biggest gaming writer in the state. He is even dwelling on a hit adventure on his Instagram channel. This is observed via way of means of a plethora of like-minded individuals.

Kaztro Gaming Benz The Gamers Club
Kaztro Gaming Benz – The Gamers Club

Kaztro Gaming is the third YouTube task of this younger BCA graduate and it has delivered its lion`s percentage of repute withinside the Indian Gaming Industry.

After gaming his way to success in his streaming profession, Ramees is proper now pushing the envelope and intending in the direction of constructing a colorful eSports atmosphere alongside together along with his gaming peers.