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Sons of the Forest 1.0 Trailer: Exciting Additions & Lingering Concerns

Sons of the Forest is an upcoming survival horror video game developed by Endnight Games and published by Newnight. In the trailer, several new creatures and mechanics were teased. Raccoons received updated animations, though it’s unclear if they serve any gameplay purpose yet. An interesting new random encounter was teased showing a soldier surrounded by pallets and waving flares, while cannibals approach. This event’s purpose is uncertain, but may allow rescuing the soldier for a reward.

Vehicles and Navigation

Vehicles remain a method of transport through the island. A notable improvement is the GPS display while driving a golf cart, finally allowing players to view their coordinates. This should help navigation tremendously. The trailer emphasizes the enhanced gliding capabilities, with numerous scenic shots soaring over the landscape. The turtle shell spring traps now launch players significantly higher, improving their functionality with the glider. This should allow traversing the skies without building towers first. Between the improved glider launch and GPS coordinates, exploring from the skies will be more rewarding.

Mutants, Bosses and Story Hints

Despite claims of new story content, some footage containing Tim and mutant bosses appears similar to what already exists. However, context is limited, so there may be surprises in store. Intriguing shots of an activating artifact killing mutants around it suggest a new story element involving the island’s mysteries. A new mutant was revealed, distinguishable by its leg-clapping attack. It appears large and aggressive. The chaotic ending footage defies analysis without more context but features helicopters, airborne cannibals, and beams of energy – certainly eye-catching, if nothing else.

New Crafting Potential

A cannibal covered in solite armour hints at a potential new armor set if solite can be utilized for crafting. The developers have emphasized expanded crafting, so this would make sense. However, previous armor has been criticized as ineffective, so hopefully any new sets are balanced better. The mining pick also reappears, suggesting mining functionality will indeed be fleshed out more.

While the trailer is beautifully cinematic, the footage raises concerns about the lack of new content and depth. Aside from the creatures and scenarios highlighted, much looked familiar or empty. The developer’s 2-month silence before revealing the trailer contributes to apprehension about meaningful additions. The world still appears quite desolate rather than lived-in. Fans hope for more engaging survival mechanics and environmental storytelling.

Cautiously Optimistic

Overall impressions are cautiously optimistic, but uncertainties remain until the full release. The highlights tease creative new threats and better ways to explore the massive world. However, the developers must address complaints about shallow gameplay loops and crafting systems. If the new content delivers substance over style, Sons of the Forest may yet improve upon the original’s foundation. But fans shouldn’t overhype the sequel of The Forest until they can experience the finished product.

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