S.S. Rajamouli Scanned by Hideo Kojima? Somethings Loading…

S.S. Rajamouli Hideo Kojima - The Gamer Club

The legendary game designer and director Hideo Kojimo was visited by Indian Filmmaker S S Rajamouli at Kojima Productions. This meetup by these extraordinary directors has shaken fans of both across the world. Cheers are worthy for SSR’s upcoming RRR movie as it becomes the reason for this encounter.

Netizens are in awe of the things that can come out when these master craftsmens join hands for a video game. It will be a worthy one. Especially for the Indians if it is made his films using Kojima’s technology – they would be a blockbuster one. The visit by SSR was mainly for his film RRR in Japan and Kojima couldn’t share his excitement meeting the maker of Baahubali as he was an ardent fan of Indian cinema through his Twitter post.

S.S. Rajamouli was also scanned by Hideo Kojima when he visited his production company. An act that fans across the world are speculating about collaboration in the future. An approach that could help Indian gaming scenarios to a whole new level. It is excellent news indeed seeing each of their works in their respective fields both being master directors when it comes to a movie or a video game. Their fingerprints are clearly left on each of their creations. Let’s wait until we receive any official announcement on what’s on the cards awaiting us.