Where Cyberpunk 2077 failed?

Cyberpunk 2077 may not deliver on its promised effect if you’re expecting a game that will wow you. Because sometimes this game requires you to slowly dive in and gain experience rather than surprise yourself with something. There were tons of game-breaking glitches that make it difficult to progress through the story and very unplayable. Here are some things which I think contributed to its failure:


The prologue is four to five hours playable, and during that time there are few plot breaks to keep you interested in the game. So if you have very high demands on other systems and lots of story text, this game should be for you. 

Since this is an RPG, the core of the combat system should be numbered, and the weapon damage you get in the early stages is a bit sticky. As a relatively central system, the weapon system is a bit like The Witcher 3. Although it is an important reference for weapon selection and understanding, these values ​​are only reference values, and the actual combat effectiveness may not correspond to these values, so reading the numbers too much will make you scratch your head. 

The game seems to put a lot of emphasis on getting into no-gun zones to do missions when you have to use guns to get into restricted areas, making stealth and hacking a lot easier. Honestly, it would be nice to keep marking some question marks on the map and mark each task icon directly and densely. 

When it comes to rhythm, this one is really ruthless and has a much longer persuasion time than its big cousin, so think twice about buying it now. The prologue itself is a very complete story and has a good rhythm, but as a small link in a big story it takes a lot of time, the rhythm of the big story as a whole is relatively slow, and the frames are relatively small. A very good role-playing game. This is extremely rare and is the reason why I think this game is really new.

Last but not the least, CD Projekt Red, Sony, and Microsoft are offering refunds to Cyberpunk 2077 customers following bug reports. Sony has pulled Cyberpunk 2077, from the PlayStation Store after a string of complaints and ridicule about compatibility issues and bugs from customers.