Will Rocket Boy Games beat Rockstar up in their GTA?

Everywhere, an upcoming open-world adventure developed by Build a Rocket Boy Games, which is run by an ex-Rockstar executive, is expected to become a rival to GTA 6 by the looks of it. Everywhere’s title could be a dig at GTA. In 2016, Rockstar North’s parent company Take-Two Interactive fell out with former Rockstar North President Leslie Benzies, who was involved with Everywhere as its President.

The recently released teaser trailer of Everywhere seems promising enough to clash with the legendary open-world game series.           

As seen in the teaser video, the title includes all kinds of game elements such as racing, exploration, combat, PvP (player versus player), adventures, and more. It’s like a complete multi-world online universe where players can go anywhere and do whatever they want in a video game. 

Everywhere is due to be released in 2023, and it’s going to be a mammoth of a game. It looks like several games in one and is the closest we’ve ever come to a united gaming universe. Rockstar Studios will have to put in much effort to match up with this game. With that said, all eyes are on GTA 6 release.