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Action Role Playing

We examine the pros & cons of Bethesda’s Starfield. Learn more about the game's flaws & discover why addressing player feedback is crucial for its future.
Hogwarts Legacy fans are looking forward to the summer update as the first anniversary draws near. Find out what the fans are saying.
Epic NPC Man is a comedy web series by Viva la dirt league that parodies role-playing games.
Diablo IV is the fourth installment in the Diablo franchise, and it promises to be the darkest and most challenging game yet.
We have a Harry Potter game that succeeds to capture part of that charm in Hogwarts Legacy. It does bring back all those warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia.
Discover how Harry Potter games have changed and improved over time, and what the future holds for the franchise.
Gotham Knights is a definite step back from the last decade of Batman games. Gotham Knights fail to reach the heights of the Batman: Arkham series of games.
Elden Ring is without a doubt excellent fantasy roleplaying. However, players to heavily indulge their masochistic tendencies, assuming they even have any.

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