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Xbox Series X/S

Xbox Partner Preview: Did it live up to the hype? Kunitsu-Gami steals the show, but surprise reveals are mixed. Was it worth a whole presentation?
WWE 2K24 slams down on March 8th! Get all the details on release date, cover stars, iconic WrestleMania moments, new matches & more.
Dive into our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth review. Explore its turn-based combat, hilarious story, stunning Hawaiian setting, and more.
According to Bloomberg report, GTA VI development enters final stages as Rockstar Games mandates full-time office return for a maximum quality.
Xbox shakes things up with cross-platform games, ponders the future of physical discs, and supercharges Game Pass with Activision Blizzard titles.
GTA 6 details suggest a revolutionary animation system. Procedural tech could bring smoother, more dynamic characters. But are these rumors true?
Skip the buggy console remasters. GTA: Definitive Edition shines on mobile with free access via Netflix, smooth gameplay & surprisingly good graphics.
Palworld: Catch monsters, build bases, & explore! Addictive loop? Yes. Bland world & visuals? Also yes. Early access fun, future potential?

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