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WWE 2K24 slams down on March 8th! Get all the details on release date, cover stars, iconic WrestleMania moments, new matches & more.
According to Bloomberg report, GTA VI development enters final stages as Rockstar Games mandates full-time office return for a maximum quality.
Clash of Clans community manager Darian Vorlick announces his departure after 7 years. Explore Darian's impact, the community's reaction and more.
Xbox shakes things up with cross-platform games, ponders the future of physical discs, and supercharges Game Pass with Activision Blizzard titles.


Dive into our Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth review. Explore its turn-based combat, hilarious story, stunning Hawaiian setting, and more.
Nostalgia trip for diehards! Updated visuals, classic difficulty. Tomb Raider 1-3 remastered retains original charm, but can it win new fans? Review.
We explore Helldivers 2, a strategy game with humor, combat and customization. We discuss the game’s features, pros and cons and tips for new players.
We examine the current state of the game TTCSM, its main issues, and our proposed solutions in this game review of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.


Why Sleeping Dogs, a 2012 open-world gem, remains a captivating experience even a decade later & why it's a must-play for open-world enthusiasts.
Rise of the Rōnin features a wide assortment of melee and ranged feudal Japanese weapons. Each weapon has distinctive strengths.
Palworld: Catch monsters, build bases, & explore! Addictive loop? Yes. Bland world & visuals? Also yes. Early access fun, future potential?
We examine the pros & cons of Bethesda’s Starfield. Learn more about the game's flaws & discover why addressing player feedback is crucial for its future.


Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC: Stunning new lands, epic bosses, June 21st release! From noob to conqueror, get ready for adventure!
Sons of the Forest: New creatures, gliding boost, mysterious events. Trailer teases intrigue but raises depth concerns. Is it more style than substance?
A review of the Indiana Jones game reveals, analyzing its FPP, how it captures and overall impressions of this title from its The Game Awards reveal.
GTA 6 trailer analysis, uncovering Vice City’s authenticity, NPC interactions, and advanced mechanics. Experience the thrill of the next-gen gaming.